5 Tips to Prepare For Your Next Audition

Want to stand out at your next audition?  Since Actors PLAYground will have an audition announcement within the next few days, we thought it was a good time to give you 5 ways to be prepared.  


Read the post carefully and follow directions.  Let me repeat that!  READ THE POST CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. There is an awful lot you can learn in the audition posting.  Make sure you read the entire post and follow all the directions for the audition.  The post should tell you when and where the audition is, when rehearsals will start, the performance dates and what you need to prepare.  There may be additional information like the rehearsal schedule, list of characters, and in some cases material to prepare.  Read everything that is provided.  


Even if it is a story you are familiar with, try to find the specific version of the script that will be performed. The easiest way to do this is to find out who the author is. 

For example, the audition may be for “Wizard of Oz”.  If you do a google search for “Wizard of Oz script” you will find MANY versions.  When you add the author and search “Wizard of OZ script by Jon Jory” you will find the specific script which also, happens to be available to read online for free. Now that you have found it, READ it You can usually find at least a sample of the script.  At the very least you should be able to find a summary and list of characters.  


Each director will audition differently however the most common ways are:

Cold readings: you will be provided a scene at the audition.  If this is the case, plan to arrive early to give yourself time to become familiar with the scene.  With this type of audition it is even more important to do the research you did in tip 2

Prepared scene:  you will be provided scenes based on the role you are interested in auditioning for.  As we mentioned above, read all the scenes that are provided, not just the characters you are interested in.  Memorize the scene even when it is not required, You will set yourself apart from everyone else if you know the scene by heart.

Prepared monologue:  you are asked to perform a monologue of your choice.  Sometimes additional parameters are given, please follow the directions! If they ask for a 1 minute monologue, make sure it is only 1 minute.  With a prepared monologue you are expected to be performance ready.  That means off book and with strong character choices. 


On average you will be cast in one of every 20 roles you audition for.  That is a lot of rejection.  Treat every audition as an opportunity to perform and it won’t feel like a rejection.!  Do the work, research and prepare, then walk into that room with confidence and have fun giving the best performance you can. You will leave the audition with that rush of excitement you get after every performance. 


Please, please, PLEASE list ANY and ALL conflicts!  Do not sandbag on this!  Directors put a lot of time and energy into creating a detailed rehearsal schedule based on conflicts provided by the cast members.  

There you have it!  Five tips for your next audition!!  

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