Audition Tips

Age range: Actors PLAYground offers audition opportunities for youth ages 5-18.  Our 20 Something Series is offered to youth ages 15-25.  Some shows may require limited age ranges depending on the material. The requirements to audition are posted for each separate show.   

Headshots/Snapshot:  To help the directing team remember who you are, bring a headshot or snapshot of you to the audition.  

Tips for a good headshot

  • Only you in the photo
  • Close up of your head and shoulders
  • Good lighting, we need to see your face
  • Make sure your name is on the photo
  • Look like you, not a model shot, no cool lighting effects, JUST YOU

Schedule Conflicts: Prior to auditions, check your calendar for any and all schedule conflicts between the audition date(s) and the scheduled dates of the show. We understand that everyone has possible conflicts with certain rehearsal dates. The director must know all of the conflicts prior to casting the show and scheduling the rehearsals.  The detailed rehearsal schedule will be created with these known conflicts.  It is disruptive to the rehearsal process and disrespectful to the other cast members when there are unexcused absences.     

Will you accept any role?  It is ok to say “no”, you will not accept any role.  Please do not say you will accept any role if you do not mean it. Nothing will frustrate the director more, accept maybe not listing all of your conflicts!