Actors PLAYground 20 Something Series

Are you a young adult who has outgrown youth theater?  

Are you searching for auditions with roles that are right for you? 

Are you interested in directing or designing a show?


Actors PLAYground Theater Company has a program for you. Our “20 Something Series” consists of shows that are geared for young adults and mature teens.  As young actors grow and gain experience in theater, there comes a time when they are too old for youth productions, they have a desire to be challenged with more mature themes and in-depth character development, but have limited opportunities to audition. Our “20 Something Series” will fill this gap.

This program provides the opportunity for:

  • Personal growth and collaboration with their peers.
  • Challenge to create new and exciting projects of their own choosing and passion.
  • Learn advanced acting techniques of classic and contemporary coaches. 
  • Immediately apply what they are learning through the rehearsal of a scripted play and 
  • Finish with a challenging theatrical production. 

There are three modules in the year-long project.  Each 10-week module will begin following the open call. Actors accepted into the program  will receive a copy of the script and role assignment prior to the first week and are expected to begin learning their lines outside of class/rehearsals.  

  • Week 1-2 includes script analysis with emphasis on discovering the given circumstances and exploring the power of why.
  • Week 2-3 we will move into character development including building the relationship with self and other characters.  
  • Week 4-5 we will develop the physical embodiment of the character.  Participants will become intune with their own physicalities, identify how it differs from the character’s and how to use this information to create strong, dynamic characters.
  • With the creative work done and the script memorized, the staging of the play becomes much easier.  Weeks 5-8 will put it all together in the rehearsal process. 
  • Week 9 participants will meet daily for tech rehearsals and conclude with 2-4 performances. 
  • Week 10 will be dedicated to post-production reflection and feedback.

Application and Audition – There will be an open call for applicants before each module begins.  Interested individuals are encouraged to apply.  Applicants will audition and interview with the leadership team.  Those that demonstrate a strong desire to learn, a commitment to growth, and willingness to accept constructive feedback will be accepted into the program. 

There is a $200 annual fee for the program.   To ensure the program is accessible to everyone there are three options to fulfill the annual tuition requirement. 

  1. Monetary payment
  2. Complete volunteer hours with Actors PLAYground Theater Company
  3. Secure one program sponsor

With the annual fee, participants can take all 3 modules. Each module will work with a different script allowing participants to continue building and applying learned techniques to different source material.  New participants can apply during the open call for each module.   

Actors PLAYground has conceptualized this program based on the input and desires of individuals the leadership team has worked with in the past.  Our goal is to create a program that is “for youth by youth”. We have assembled a Youth Theater Advisory (YTA). This is a group of teens and young adults that have helped mold the program to fit their vision.  They participate in regular play readings, committee meetings and provide input on the content and type of shows we select for our “20 Something Series” as well as our general season.

Participating actors will also provide feedback and program assessment following each Module. Their input will be taken into consideration for the future modules giving them a sense of empowerment by having a program that represents issues that are important to them and that they relate to. 

Project Team  – Amber Ryan has over 15 years of experience working with youth theater.  She has directed over 40 productions and started multiple youth theater programs, throughout the Valley, each achieving high levels of success.  Ambers’ work has received the ariZoni Theater Awards of Excellence for Overall Production for a youth play and Director of a youth play, the past two years. Several youth actors have also received ariZoni Theater Awards for performances under Amber’s direction.  Amber’s ability to connect with young people stems from her passion to make everyone feel seen and valued.  She finds inspiration in the words of Oscar Wilde, “I regard theater as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”  

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” -Albert Einstein  This is the quote that inspires Rachel Cummings’ passion for the performing arts. Rachel earned her B.A. in Theatre from Grand Canyon University, then continued to Liberty University where she received her M.A. in Strategic Communication.  She is a professional actor having appeared in numerous theatrical, commercial and film projects.  She found her true passion directing and teaching youth theater and her work has earned her two ariZoni Theater Awards of Excellence nominations for Director of a Youth Play. 

Together, Amber Ryan and Rachel Cummings will facilitate and instruct the Actors PLAYground 20 Something Series.  Guest instructors will be brought in for specialized and diverse training.


  1. Participating actors will learn and apply advanced techniques to: character development, emotional believability and physical control. These techniques will strengthen the connection between the body, the voice and the imagination in relation to the text allowing them to create well-rounded, multidimensional characters. (Assessed via performance review and acting journal)
  2. Participating actors will execute a detailed analysis of a play that includes unearthing the given circumstances, understanding their impact on the creation of the dramatic action and emotional points of view.  (Assessed via self-evaluation and instructor feedback)
  3. Participating actors will develop interpersonal skills and problem-solving capabilities.  These skills will strengthen their ability to work with others via a disciplined, collaborative, professional, respectful, and productive approach throughout the rehearsal and performance processes. (Assessed via performance, acting journal and peer evaluations)
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