“Love, Liz” – Sunday, May 19

Director: Amber Ryan

Casting: 6 W, 2-6 M

Date: Sunday, May 19

Time: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM   Audition slots added!

Location: Ground Floor Artists 13343 W Foxfire Drive, St. 3 Surprise, AZ 

Prepare: Scenes will be provided.  

Rehearsals Begin:  Early June

Performances: Aug 8-10 (Arts HQ 16126 N Civic Center Plaza,Surprise, AZ)

Annual Membership Fee: $200 (Introductory offer)  This is part of our “20 Something Series” an intensive acting program for mature teens and young adults. Sponsorship opportunities and scholarships are available. Program Details


With shades of SIX and Grease, (without the singing), “Love, Liz” is full of laughs, fun characters, gossip and secrets as Queen Elizabeth sets out to prove women can have it all! 

Join Queen Elizabeth I and her closest friends and confidants for a fabulous night of gossip and intrigue. Will Elizabeth’s gal pals convince her that an illustrious marriage and an heir will quell her unruly heart, or will the flutters of her feelings for her rumored Romeo prevail? Get ready to listen to music, sneak some drinks, paint your nails, and meet all of Elizabeth’s suitors… The good, the bad, and the handsome! Love, Liz is a hilarious romp through history as Queen Elizabeth I of England must decide who (or if) she will marry.



We are playing with history, shoehorning various characters and events that span decades into one night. As history is fluid in this play, casting should not be based on traditional Elizabethan looks. Any female-identifying actor may be cast in any of the female roles, regardless of ethnicity, body type, age, etc. In addition, ANY actor may play the male roles. ~ Lauren Grove, Playwright

Elizabeth I – Queen of England.
Kat Ashley – Elizabeth’s chief lady in waiting and former governess.
William Cecil – Elizabeth’s Secretary of State and most trusted advisor.
Robert Dudley – One of Elizabeth’s closest confidants and the only man she ever loved.

Ladies of the Privy Chamber:
Geraldine Fitzgerald – Elizabeth’s longtime friend, witty and flirty.
Bess of Hardwick – Elizabeth’s gossipy, snobby friend
Helena Snakenborg – A sweet lady-in-waiting and a hopeless romantic
Anne Russell – Elizabeth’s faithful friend and diligent servant.


Phillip II – King of Spain. Elizabeth’s one-time suitor turned bitter enemy,
Eric XIV – King of Sweden. A very persistent suitor who does not take no for an answer.
Henry, Duke of Anjou – Flamboyant French prince with a penchant for wearing dresses.
Archduke Charles – Prince of Austria. A very reluctant suitor.


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